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Find out why the XO FLOW dental unit is a financially wise investment

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XO FLOW digital dental unit

Only 3% of a clinic’s costs is spent on the XO FLOW unit investment

A smart business investment

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XO FLOW will probably be your smartest business investment. Try the ROI Calculator to see your savings, profit gains and ROI.

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How does XO FLOW compare to standard units?

Our unit comparison shows the difference in service life, service intervals, disinfection procedures and more.

You will see how costs can be reduced.


Extra cost-saving benefits

The XO FLOW gives you unique benefits. Like our service app. ​

​The app enables you to carry out minor services yourself – saving you the cost of calling out a technician. ​

​Find out more about what makes XO FLOW a financially sound investment.

The XO FLOW is a masterpiece!  It’s something I’ve never seen before in terms of passion for details and the beautiful, elegant and clean design.

Dr. Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design

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