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01XO FLOW unit

By using the XO Price configurator, you get an idea about the price range of XO FLOW units.
Prices are suggested retail prices, without VAT, all freight and installation costs.
XO FLOW units must be ordered through XO Partners – see overview of XO Partners here.
XO CARE rewards end-customers that invest in two or more XO units. Please contact an XO Partner for information about volume discounts.
Prices in Switzerland will be higher due to extra costs related to the cancellation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement between the EU and Switzerland.

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02 Patient chair

Please select patient chair base color.

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03 Cushions for patient chair

Please select standard or soft cushions – and color.

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04Accessories for patient chair

For treatment of children select the optional child cushion.

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05Unit instruments

Please select 6 instrument modules and one or more instrument for each module. All 6 positions must be filled out. Should a module be empty please fill out with ref: FL-190 – Blind module.


Air instrument





You have to select 6 modules.
Each module must have at least one instrument (Except Blind Module)


Length of suction hose must be chosen.
Choosing a suction system is optional.

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07Cuspidor option

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010Operating light

This step is optional.

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011Installation plate and X-ray adaptors

Selection of X-ray adaptors requires that the unit is permanently fixed to the floor.

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Total price:0 EUR

Selected Products

XO FLOW unit

Patient chair

Cushions for patient chair

Accessories for patient chair

Unit instruments


Cuspidor option



Operating light

Installation plate and X-ray adaptors


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