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Infection control

Infection control workflow videos, English – click here

Infektionshygiejne workflow videoer, dansk – klik her

Vidéos sur le procédures de contrôle des infections, français – cliquez  ici

Videos zum Arbeitsabläufe bei der Infektionskontrolle, Deutsch– hier klicken

Replacement of consumables

How to replace consumables videos, English – click here

Videoer vedr. udskiftning af forbrugsvarer, dansk – klik her

Vidéos sur le remplacement des consommables, français – cliquez ici

Videos zum Austausch von Verbrauchsmaterialien, Deutsch – hier klicken


3D files are available to download

XO FLOW 3D files – download here

XO SEAT 3D files – download here

XO STOOL 3D files download here 

XO WORKBENCH 3D files download here


New software updates containing bugfixes and new features are continuously released.

Software updates are distributed as installer package files that are downloaded to the unit via USB.

Download XO FLOW unit software here


Version 1.9 (Released 2023-07-10)

Remote desktop

  • It is now possible to have different remote desktop apps connect to different remote computers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the unit to briefly freeze when a remote connection failed to be established.

Virtual keyboard

  • Symbols on the touch screen keyboards updated. This should fix the issue of some symbols and characters not being accessible (‘?’ and capital ‘L’).
  • During startup the software will check if the Windows touch keyboard is enabled and, if so, disable it automatically. Now at most one keyboard should be shown on the navigator.
  • Fixed a bug causing the close buttons on the touch keyboard to not function properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause textboxes to be hidden when the touch keyboard was shown.


  • Fixed a bug causing water disinfection asepsis procedures to fail if an instrument was pulled forward after the procedure was started.
  • Tweaked timing of some asepsis tasks to avoid timeout errors in situations where the water tank takes a long time to depressurize.
  • Update message shown when a system asepsis procedure fails. The message now simply reads “Procedure failed” instead of showing an internal error code.

Intraoral camera

  • Fixed a bug causing the framerate of the video feed from the intraoral camera to drop occasionally.
  • Fixed a bug causing the video feed to stop showing when another instrument was pulled forward.
  • Fixed a bug related to the framerate of recorded videos.
  • Fixed a bug causing videos opened from the camera app to be opened as still images in the image app.
  • Fixed a few minor user interface-related bugs.
  • Improved the UI for configuring network locations.


  •  Operating light will no longer switch on when entering the entry position (if the option to switch it on when reaching a working position is enabled). (known error in 1.6)
  • Next preventive service date added to status app.
  • It is no longer possible to bind the “side-menu only” XO Odontocure activation function to foot control inputs.
  • Removed a test function for the XO Odontoscaler from the list of configurable functions. This function was intended for internal use only.
  • Updated the default foot control configuration for intraoral cameras so that the X and O buttons have no function.
  • Changed the default drive air amount for micromotors to 80 %.
  • Color of warning icon shown in dashboard changed to orange.
  • The “limit foot control pedal range” feature is enabled by default for new users.
  • Support for bien air motor driver software v 2.03
  • Error 511 “got keep alive but instrument not running” error message is no longer displayed in the instrument information window.
Software 1.7 and 1.8 (have not been released)
Version 1.6 (Released 2023-04-24)

Instrument support

  • Added support for Bien-Air MCX micromotors
  • Support for Dürr “VistaCam iX HD Smart” intraoral camera, including:
    • New “camera app” for capturing video and still images using an attached intraoral camera
    • New “images app” for displaying, sharing and managing videos and images stored on the unit

Presets and workflows

  • Presets and instrument workflows are now hidden on the Dashboard by default when creating a new user. Users must enable presets and workflows (from the user settings app) to use them. Makes the user interface more simple and easier to understand for users that does not need the preset and workflow functionality.
  • Activation of an instrument workflow no longer results in the first workflow step being automatically selected for the related instrument.
  • Extended the selection of icons usable with workflow steps.
  • It is now possible to select “no icon” for preset and workflows.


  • A new “help app” for accessing the instructions for use and various videos for e.g. unit disinfection and replacement of unit consumables has been added. Note that an internet connection is required to use this app.
  • Removed the option to create new users with “classic XO settings”.
  • German, Danish and French translations improved.

Instrument control

  • Added virtual indicator lights to the panels of the instrument control windows, indicating the current spray selection for the associated instrument. Making it easier for the user to see the actual spray setting.
  • It is now possible to disable the open/close “curtain” function of the instrument control window panels and have the panels open and close instantaneously when an instrument is pulled forward.  Some users have asked for this feature to save time.
  • New three-state (spray -> air -> no spray) spray select functions added for the two Bien-Air micromotors.
  • A new two-state (spray -> no spray) spray select function added for air instruments.
  • Added a function for activating the polymerization light from the dashboard side menus.
  • Updated the way speed levels are handled for micromotors are handled to better account for gearing.
  • When the reciprocating endo feature is used the text “150° CCW/30° CW” is shown instead of “ACTIVATED” in the instrument data window.
  • The dynamic range of the foot control pedal can now be limited so that the deadband at the end of the range is larger.  Some end customers complain that the foot control slides on the floor. This new software feature will reduce this problem as the maximum speed is reached before the pedal reaches the physical end stop. Another very important action to be taken is degreasing the foot control “feet” with petroleum benzine – see section 11.2 in the new IFU.
  • Cool air for micromotors is disabled when maximum speed is set below or at 2.000 RPM and spray air is disabled.

Foot control

  • The default foot control configuration for new users has been updated so that the pedal down activation of the foot control is bound to the three-state spray select function for Micromotors, the two-state spray select function for air instruments and to the enable/disable irrigation for scalers. To resemble the function of classic XO units.
  • Default foot control updated: The X and O buttons can now be used to select the next/previous preset or workflow step when an instrument is selected.


  • The “hardware information” section of the status app has been renamed “system information” and now also includes a readout of the installed software version.
  • System messages shown in the status app, are now shown in their expanded state. It is no longer necessary tap a message to show the detailed information.
  • The option to have the operating light automatically enter “composite mode” when a polymerization light is pulled forward has been removed.


  • Instrument light is now automatically switched off when an asepsis procedure is started.
  • The verbosity of errors and user prompts in the asepsis mode has been increased.


  • A new app for integrating with Medit scanner software on a remote PC has been added.

Updated IFUhere

Version 1.5 (Released 2022-11-08)
  • Added support for reciprocating endo.
  • Errors originating from modules related to instrument activation are now reported to the user.
  • Workaround for an issue causing motors to stop working due to electrical interference.
  • Fixed a bug blocking the “extended asepsis procedure” from being run automatically during startup.
  • The instrument control window of an instrument will now always open the previously opened tab when the instrument is pulled forward.
  • Allisone app for accessing the website added.
  • Aligneurs Français app for accessing the website added.
  • Dedicated Dexis app for opening the Dexis scanning software on a remote computer added.
  • Dedicated app for opening the 3Shape Trios scanner software on a remote computer added.
  • Added three new presets related to endodontic treatments for new users.
  • Descriptive names added to preset icons.
Version 1.4 (Released 2022-09-23)

Fixed an issue causing the mouse cursor of the remote computer to “jump” every ~20 seconds in remote desktop sessions.

  • Fixed a bug causing the unit software to crash when activating the “previous preset/workflow step” function (from the foot control).
  • During startup, the software will automatically set display scaling to 100 % (for all displays) and the multimonitor mode to “extend these” displays. This should solve problems related to these settings being somehow reset in field units.
  • Added a special display configuration mode for choosing which physical display is used for the Dashboard and Navigator outputs and for performing touch screen calibration. This mode is entered by activating the foot control X button during startup.
  • Windows updates: The handling of Windows updates has been changed. Updates are now downloaded in the background and only previously downloaded updates are installed during startup. The user is given the possibility of postponing applying updates during startup.
Version 1.3 (Released 2022-07-01)

Bug fixes

  • Refactoring of drivers for “special modules”. Needed to fix a bug causing application to crash when a unit without six (proper) instruments was shutdown.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Dashboard to not return to “use mode” when leaving another state.
  • Fixed a bug causing keys on the virtual keyboard to become stuck.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to set speeds between 5000 and 10.000 RPM for micromotors.
  • Exponential scaling of foot control pedal input in relation to XO ODONTOSCALER removed. The signal was already being scaled by the control box.
  • Fixed a bug in the monitoring of the water softener capacity that caused the filter depleted message to be shown almost immediately after replacing it.
  • Fixed a bug causing the cup filler to always start when moving the chair towards the entry position.
  • Removed an assertion in the routine handling setting the air instrument anti-retraction duration that would cause a crash if set lower than 500 ms.
  • Fixed a bug causing the water disinfection overdue message to be shown 1 minute (instead of 1 day) after disinfection.
  • Fixed a bug causing the buttons in the Dashboard asepsis window to freeze if rapidly activated.
  • Fixed a bug causing the patient chair seat and/or backrest to not move towards preprogrammed positions.

User interface

  • Sound effects added.
  • Localization support added.
  • Scroll viewer added to menu in the settings control (used various places).
  • Virtual keyboard changed to a “smart phone” style where key combinations are not needed.
  • The module type is now shown in the instrument information window when no or a wrong instrument is connected.
  • Changed the way the instrument controls windows opens and closes. The window now always opens the tab containing the controls currently governing the instruments parameters.
  • Enabled text wrapping in various places where localized texts were too long.
  • Added the possibility of turning on the Navigator and Dashboard displays at startup.
  • Updated the default side menu configuration
  • Added the possibility to hide/show apps on the home screen


  • Default presets updated.
  • A preset is now always selected for applicable instruments when a user is logged in.
  • Changes to presets are now applied immediately (not requiring the user to sign in again).
  • Spray select function added for micromotors and air instruments.
  • Added means for adjusting the torque limit used with “tactile mode”.
  • Added means for adjusting the parameters of the automatic chip blow.
  • Support for Bien-Air MCX micromotors removed.
  • The name of the Bien-Air MX2 micromotor has been renamed “MX2” (was MX2 LED).
  • Added functions for increasing/decreasing XO ODONTOCURE exposure time and intensity.
  • Added functions for adjusting spray air for micromotors and air instruments.
  • Added support for instrument workflows (MX2 micromotors and XO ODONTOCURE).
  • An active automatic chip blow will now be stopped if the instrument is re-activated.
  • Added functions for selecting the next/previous preset/workflow step.
  • Added means for adjusting micromotor cool air.
  • Added support for Luzzani 6 function syringe without switch.


  • Support for calibration of XO ODONTOCURE handpieces (LED’s) added.
  • Code related to CAN and RPC’s isolated in separate assemblies.
  • Added support for XO ODONTOCURE hardware revision 5.
  • Updated the CAN boot loader framework to allow for the application not to be erased when uploading a firmware image.
  • Linearized the relationship between the foot control pedal position (angle) and the output.
  • Added RPC’s needed to support automated testing of PCB’s
  • Added support for SW version 2.00 of the Bien-Air DMX3-M PCB.
  • Added a ping function to the boot loader (intended to be used for PCB testing).
  • Logging added.
  • Added support for Stand controller hardware revision 4.02 thru 4.99.
  • Added better filtering of safety stop load cell input to avoid false triggering.


  • Removed unused functionality related to “funnel suction”.
  • Added a “demo mode” feature that suppressed hardware errors from being shown.
  • Added an app for playing instructional videos (Pretreatment checklist app).
  • New apps based on web browser added (Netflix, YouTube,
  • Remote desktop app added.
  • Added a composite mode for the operating light.
  • The application will search for and install Windows updates at startup
  • Default intensity of the operating light changed to 100 % (was 75 %).
  • The procedural water and suction asepsis procedures have been re-designed.
  • Added a logging of asepsis procedures.
  • Assistant call feature updated to allow for automatically performing a series of short activations of the relay (in addition to just keeping it closed when the function is activated).
  • Added support for updating the software via USB.
  • Hardware/software versions visible in the status app.
  • Added support for patient sensor.
  • Added remote support (TeamViewer) [from version 1.3.749].
Version 1.2 (Released 2021-03-05)
  • Default maximum power of XO ODONTOSCALER changed to 70 %.
  • Default intensity of XO Odontocure changed to 1600 mw/cm2.
  • Corrected a bug related to deserializing of instrument basic settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing motor rotation to be reversed.
  • Added missing checks on usernames.
  • It is no longer possible to delete the currently logged in user.
  • Corrected some texts related to the configuration of air instrument presets.
  • Re-enabled checks of additive cartridge levels at start-up.
  • Micromotor and air instrument spray air adjustment steps changed to 10 %.
  • Irrigation enabled in the XO ODONTOSCALER cleaning preset.
  • Fixed a bug related to the increase/decrease power functions for XO ODONTOSCALER.
  • Fixed a bug related to the increase/decrease speed functions for micromotors.
  • Micromotor spray select functions replaced with enable/disable spray functions.
  • Foot control guide removed.
  • Chair calibration is no longer performed automatically at startup.
  • Name of syringes shown on the dashboard simplified (no prefixes).
  • Fixed a bug causing Navigator button animation not to be played when triggered with touch.
  • Improves the select user app so that it is more apparent which user is currently logged in.
  • The instrument data windows will now always open on the preset page when an instrument is pulled forward.
  • Added a warning that power off is imminent.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when opening the user settings app.
  • Added support for the revision 4.01 of the AJ-900 PCB.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to water disinfection.
  • Miscellaneous text corrections and updates.
  • Fixed a bug causing the selected preset not to be highlighted.
  • Updated the patient chair calibration routine.
  • Updated the chair enable signal self-test.
  • Added checks on system voltages where possible.
  • Water usage estimates updates.
  • Improves handling of chair position commands.
  • Fixed a bug in the functions for adjusting air instrument drive air flow.
  • Added missing controls for adjusting instrument light.
  • Fixed a bug related to positioning of the Dashboard/Navigator windows.
  • Added means for moving the Dashboard and Navigator windows between screens.
  • Maximum power of XO ODONTOSCALER now adjustable in steps of 10 %.
  • Updated look and feel of the scroll bar used on the Navigator.
  • Removed XO ODONTOCURE configuration options from the user settings app.
  • Added missing controls for settings the tip name in air instrument and micromotor presets.
  • Firmware images included in installer.
  • Added usage statistics to XO ODONTOCURE.
  • Minor updates to micromotor torque control.
Version 1.1 (Released 2020-09-30)
  • Added set system date/time functionality.
  • Removed unused funnel suction functionality.
  • Removed button for starting XO Suction Clean procedure from asepsis app.
  • Reduced maximum exposure time of XO ODONTOCURE from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Added water leak detected system message.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dashboard preset list causing a crash when instruments were swapped.
  • The cup filler and cuspidor will now be stopped when the unit leaves the use state.
  • Added a check of the additive cartridge levels when starting asepsis procedures.
  • Fixed a bug causing buttons in the preemptive service data window to not function.
  • Increased timeout for water procedures to empty the mixing cup to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed error reporting for suction asepsis procedures.
  • Fixed an issue related to keep alive signals for Bien-Air micromotors.
  • Added heart-beat timeout handler to the Bien-Air micromotor module firmware.
  • Patient chair will now be stopped when the unit leaves the use state or when an instrument is pulled forward.
  • Active functions will now be terminated if the current user is changed, or the instrument selection changes.
  • Fixed a bug causing air instruments to not use the set drive air amount.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when spray water for Bien-Air micromotors was changed from the foot control.

Version 1.0

KS/TLT 2023-01-25

Remote support

Get online support from an XO technical supporter by using the function ‘Remote Support’.

How to?
To activate the remote support function, do the following:

  • Make a phone call to your XO technical supporter
  • Make sure that the XO FLOW unit computer is connected to the internet
  • Open the technical settings app on the XO FLOW unit, tap “Remote support” and then tap the “Launch TeamViewer” button
  • After a few seconds the TeamViewer window will appear on the Navigator


  • At the remote supporter end, open TeamViewer (download from if necessary) and then enter the ID and password to establish the connection. For further information about TeamViewer please visit
  • To activate the Navigator home button on the remote unit, ask the user to tap the home button on the Navigator. NB: If using a mouse, you may also directly activate the Navigator home button by pressing the mouse button 4

Please note:
This feature is only available from software version 1.3.749.

If you are one of our very first XO FLOW customers, please reach out to your XO Partner to make sure to get the required update!

In Norway the remote access may not be available due to “Helsenett” restrictions.

KS/TLT 2023-01-16


Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.
Find the nearest XO Partner here.

XO Remote desktop server software

XO Remote desktop server 1.1 changes
  • Version number added.
  • It is now possible to only share the primary display (instead of all displays). (for users with more than one clinic pc screen)
  • Fixed a bug causing the program to crash when the settings window was opened a second time.

Software to be installed on a clinic PC to allow the remote desktop app on the XO FLOW unit to connect to the PC.

Download here.


The XO FLOW dental unit is equipped with an instrument bridge [1] with an integrated touch screen (the Dashboard) for controlling and monitoring the unit and the instruments – and with a smart device user interface [2] in the form of the Navigator (touch screen on a long and flexible suspension arm).

The user interface is powered by an internal computer [3] running an embedded version of the Windows operating system.

The internal computer can be connected to a local area network (LAN) by means of an ethernet cable.

The Navigator user interface consists of a home screen and set of apps and is, functionally, like the user interface of any modern smart phone or handheld computer.

XO FLOW navigator with apps


The remote desktop app makes it possible to use the Navigator for displaying and interacting with a remote Windows computer connected to the same network (but not necessarily in the same room) as the unit.
The figure below illustrates how the remote desktop app works:

xo-flow-remote-desktop illustration

The unit is via an ethernet cable connected to a remote computer. Whenever the remote desktop app of the unit is activated, the Navigator will show the same picture as is shown on the clinic computer. Using the touch surface of the Navigator the user can manipulate the remote computer.

When setup properly, all the software installed on the remote computer can be accessed from the Navigator (whenever the Remote desktop app is active). This includes, but is not limited to, PMS systems, imaging system and scanning software.


To use the remote desktop solution, the following must be observed:

  • The unit and the remote PC must be connected to the same local area network. The unit must be connected using a wired connection, but the PC can be connected wirelessly.
  • The remote PC must run Microsoft Windows and be configured to allow remote assistance.
  • A XO server program must run on the PC with administrative privileges. This program is used to establish the connection with the unit. The program is a “background program” and can be set to start automatically.
  • The PC should, preferably, be assigned a static IP address on the local area network. This address is used by the unit to identify the PC on the network.
  • The remote desktop is configured to access the computer by entering the IP address of the PC in the settings.
  • To work properly, the PC should have one screen with a HD resolution (1920x1080px) and UI scaling should be disabled. If these recommendations are not fulfilled, the image on the Navigator will be distorted and/or the Touch inputs from the Navigator will not map properly to the PC screen.


Please also observe the following:

  • The solution requires remote access to the PC to be enabled. The security concerns associated with this should be considered before proceeding. As a minimum, provisions for disallowing access from the outside (“the internet”) should considered. Note that cyber security is the responsible of the clinic owner.
  • When accessing a computer remotely, the quality-of-service will, in some scenarios, be inferior to using the computer directly. The image stream of the compute must be transmitted across the network and it will not be possible achieve the same frames-per-second (screen update frequency) as is possible on the computer itself.
  • It is advantageous to configure the remote PC to be used for touch interaction. Windows can, for example, be configured to show a virtual keyboard whenever a textbox is focused. This will greatly enhance the user experience when using the Navigator.
  • For the time being, it is only possible to connect to one remote PC.
  • The computer inside the unit does not store or retain any information from the connected PC.
  • Note that the user experience (when accessing e.g. films) on the Navigator may be impaired due to the need for updating the Navigator display across the network.


One clever use of the remote desktop app is to access scanning software from the navigator, eliminating the need for a cart computer.

See illustration below.

Please note that the remote computer can physically be situated in another location as the units and the camera can be connected to the remote computer via a Wi-Fi connection.


Please note!

XO CARE A/S expressly disclaims liability for equipment and/or software products not provided by XO CARE A/S or interoperability with such equipment or software in connection with the XO FLOW products or services, including but not limited to damages, direct or indirect loss, consequential loss, operational loss, loss of profits, loss of or leak of data and/or product liability suffered in connection with use of XO FLOW products or services. XO CARE A/S is not responsible for breakdowns, operational disruptions and/or attacks caused by a third party or third party equipment or software or other factors outside XO CARE A/S’ reasonable control, such as power failures, errors on equipment, connection failure (including internet-, telecommunications- and network failure), cyber-attacks, hacking or similar.


Remote access

NB! This feature is only available from software version 1.3.749.

To remotely access the computer of an XO FLOW unit do the following:

  1. Make sure that both the remote XO FLOW unit and your local computer are connected to the internet.
  2. Ask the user to open the technical settings app, tap “Remote support” and then tap the “Launch TeamViewer” button.
  3. After a few seconds the TeamViewer window will appear on the Navigator.
  4. Ask the user for the ID and password shown in the TeamViewer window
  5. Open TeamViewer on your local computer (download from if necessary) and then enter the ID and password to establish the connection.

For further information concerning TeamViewer please visit

To activate the Navigator home button on the remote unit use mouse button 4 or ask the user to tap the home button on the Navigator.

KS/TLT 2022-12-21


Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.

Find the nearest XO Partner here.


YB-860, Installation instructions, XO FLOW, EN, Rev 1.60, 2023-02-01



Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.

Find the nearest XO Partner here.

xo installation plans


Installation Plan  1:20
Installation Plan  1:1

The installation plan (1:1) is available in a printed version. Please contact



Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.

Find the nearest XO Partner here.



Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.

Find the nearest XO Partner here.

Recommended spare parts

XO FLOW recommended spare parts


XO FLOW Spare part Catalogue


Please note! All installation, repair, adjustment and service activities shall be done by authorized service personnel only. Use only original XO accessories, spare parts and consumables provided by XO CARE A/S and an XO Partner.

Find the nearest XO Partner here.