Technical specifications – XO SEAT & XO STOOL

Adjustable seat height and angle.

Stable base with 5 castors fitted with soft rubber rings.
All metal parts powder painted in XO Silver (IGP 6802/gloss 20).

XO SEAT / XO STOOL is upholstered with XO Comfort fabric with a high-friction comfortable surface that allows the skin to breathe. Skai fabric is also available. XO Comfort fabric complies with the requirements listed in ISO 6875 Dentistry – Patient chair.

Alternatively, XO SEAT / XO STOOL may be upholstered with a fabric supplied by the customer.

Please note: The fabric must be in accordance with “ISO 6875 Patient Dental Chair” concerning resistance to liquid absorption and flammability.

Black grey (RAL 7021/gloss 5) (XB-937)
Mouse grey (RAL 7005/gloss 5) (XB-943)
Silk grey (RAL 7044/gloss 5) (XB-946)

Pale brown (RAL 8025/gloss 5) (XB-945)
Chocolate brown (RAL 8017/gloss 5) (XB-939)
Coral red (RAL 3016/gloss 5) (XB-940)
Ultra-marine blue (RAL 5002/gloss 5) (XB-941)
XO SEAT / XO STOOL prepared for upholstering by customer (XO-841)

XO SEAT and XO STOOL prepared for upholstering by the customer.
Dimensions required:

  • XO SEAT: 52 x 65 cm  
  • XO STOOL: 60 x 65 cm + 60 x 78 cm

Black grey

Mouse grey

Silk grey

Pale grey

Chocolate brown

Coral red

Ultra-marine blue

 Skai fabric colors:
Dark blue (XB-131)
Light grey (XB-132)
Warm grey (XB-133)

Dark blue

Light grey

Warm grey

 Dimensions (cm)  L x W x H  Gross weight (kg)
 XO SEAT  60 x 60 x 37  10,3
 XO STOOL  60 x 60 x 37  14,6