XO empowers you to perform the very best dental treatments, enabling you to make full use of your skills and expertise. XO’s solutions allow you to focus on the work area in the oral cavity and improve the quality of the treatment.

To remain focused on the work area, you need a cutting device that makes incisions with little or no bleeding.


With XO ODONTOSURGE the quality of your incisions are always perfect. The power is automatically adjusted to the resistance of the tissue. The electrode glides smoothly during a cut and you do not experience burned tissue or sticking electrodes.


Dry incisions obtained with XO ODONTOSURGE create ideal conditions for taking impressions and composite restoration. You also reduce duration of your treatments and the healing time.


According to your preferences, you choose between various straight, loop and coagulation electrodes. Our tips guarantee perfect targeting of the treatment area and allow access to all surfaces.


We understand and recognize how important it is that your patient remains calm throughout treatment. To this end, XO’s equipment is designed to be safe and comfortable and to help you gain the complete confidence of your patient.

SAFE / Safety

To maximize your patient’s safety XO ODONTOSURGE automatically reduces power output when you touch hard tissue. Your incisions will never cause tooth or bone necrosis.

Superb Patient Comfort

The perfect and dry incisions create a comfortable experience for your patients. The healing is much faster and there is little scar tissue.
Patient’s anxiety is further reduced as XO ODONTOSURGE works without a neutral electrode.

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Dental Electorsurgery Goof Loop Electrode


Our objective is to help you increase the value of your equipment investment by saving you time and money, giving you maximum uptime and providing an attractive working environment.
No matter if it is small bleeding or full surgery, XO ODONTOSURGE is always ready. With no setup time, only two working modes (CUT / COAG) and automatic power control, XO ODONTOSURGE will quickly become your most efficient tool for everyday treatments.

You can do more during one patient’s visit and significantly reduce the treatment time. The dry incisions and coagulation mode are your way to omit the healing period which accompanies the use of a scalpel.

The compact design, ease of use and better treatment results make the XO ODONTOSURGE an absolute must-have for every dental clinic.


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