XO Odontoson 360 dental scaler


Designed to work both supra and subgingivally

XO ODONTOSON 360 has been designed to facilitate treatment even in areas where the vision is obscured. The scaler instruments are long and thin, allowing to access furcations and even the deepest periodontal pockets.

To provide perfect calculus removal capabilities, especially subgingivally, the instrument oscillates circularly and is active 360 degrees around its tip.

Successful non-surgical periodontal treatments

XO ODONTOSON 360 will minimize the need for performing flap surgery. It has been indicated to be particularly effective in connection with subgingival flushing with 0.1% PVP-iodine solution. This non-surgical procedure frequently results in shallower periodontal pockets and stabilized periodontal attachment.

The antimicrobial solution is supplied using a peristaltic pump installed in an XO unit or integrated into the stand-alone model.


Damage to the tooth surface is minimized as all instruments are handcrafted from titanium, a material softer than enamel.

The patients’ experience less pain as the instruments of XO ODONTOSON 360 – compared to other scaler technologies – operate with an exceptionally small amplitude at a very high frequency – meaning that they will never hammer against the tooth.



Traditional piezo scalers, with a linear tip movement, requires the operator to keep the same parallel position of instrument all around the tooth. This frequently forces the operator to move the wrist into an unnatural position and in the long run may lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

XO ODONTOSON 360 is active all around the instrument tip and allows the operator to maintain an ergonomic hand position throughout the whole treatment. The handpiece and its suspension are lightweight and do not strain your wrists and arms.



Thanks to the circular tip oscillation the number of instrument changes is significantly reduced with XO ODONTOSON 360.

Even when it is needed to change an instrument, do that just by with a pull/push movement. No need to screw instruments into a handpiece. Similarly, when switching from lower to upper jaw treatment, simply twist the instrument in the handpiece and carry on with the procedure.

XO ODONTOSON 360 built into XO units see here.

XO ODONTOSON tabletop model – not available with the EU – please contact us at info@xo-care.com


The outstanding performance of XO ODONTOSON 360 was researched and confirmed in numerous scientific publications Periodontal treatment

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

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