Sit well

Sit in the upright, balanced position
XO SEAT is designed to let you sit in the upright balanced position during treatments, with no unnecessary strain to your body, neck or head, hour after hour, day after day.

XO SEAT can be upholstered with XO Comfort fabric that allows your skin to breathe.

XO brown dental seat


XO operating light is based on 2nd generation LED technology and provided with a reflector yielding a powerful and shadow-free light.

We developed the XO operating light with an extremely long articulating arm and suspended the light head with joints allowing the practitioner to maneuver the head along 3 orthogonal axes. This guarantees that the light beam is always parallel to the viewing direction.

XO Flex 2022 operating lamp


A unique feature of XO FLEX is that it is possible to sit well while also seeing well. The dentist can work in positions from 9 through 12 o’clock with lots of space also for the chairside assistant. The patient chair neck rest makes it possible to place the patient’s head in six different positions. This, combined with the flexibility of working in positions from 9 to 12 o’clock, provides the operator with the best possible view of each tooth surface without bending or straining the neck, spine or upper body.

Work well

The dental team works well when both the dentist and the assistant can reach the unit instruments without looking away from the oral cavity; when the chair side assistant can hand unit- and hand instruments as well as materials to the dentist and assist changing contra-angels and burs etc. while handling the suction. All this is possible with XO FLEX.

One of the most important ergonomic features of the XO FLEX unit is the perfectly balanced unit instruments. No pulling or dragging. The instruments are “weightless”.

xo flex no pull mechanism

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