Service life

  1. XO CARE A/S guarantees delivery of spare parts and consumables as well as technical support of all XO products during the entire service life.
  2. Under the strict condition that the XO products are serviced as described in the accompanying documents, the service life is 10 years from date of invoice from XO CARE A/S.
    For XO FLOW units the service life is 20 years from the date of invoice from XO CARE A/S.
  3. Some product components like for example PCB boards, displays and video cameras may not be available as spare parts throughout the service life. In such cases XO CARE A/S shall offer alternative solutions that makes it possible for the end-customers to use the XO product throughout the service life.
  4. For service life of products manufactured by third party and sold by XO CARE A/S under the trademark of the manufacturer please see separate information from the relevant manufacturer.

Service life for selected XO products:

 Product name  Product type  End of service life
 XO FLOW (incl. built in XO ODONTOCURE)  Digital dental unit  > 20 years
 XO FLEX (incl. built in XO ODONTOSON 360 and XO  ODONTOCURE)  Dental unit  > 10 years
 XO ODONTOSURGE (tabletop version)  Soft tissue surgery unit  > 10 years
 XO ODONTOSON 360 (tabletop version sold outside EU)  Ultrasonic scaler  > 10 years
 XO SEAT & XO STOOL  Operator’s seats  > 10 years
 XO WORKTOP  Dental workbench  > 10 years
 XO 4 (XO 4-1, XO 2-4, and XO 4-6)  Dental units  2027-01-01
 XO Smart Link  Software for XO 4-6  2027-01-01
 XO OSSEO SYSTEM (build in version)  Implant motor  2030-11-01
 XO OSSEO SYSTEM (tabletop version)  Implant motor  2026-07-01
 XO ODONTOSON (tabletop version sold in EU)  Ultrasonic scaler  2030-01-01
 Flex Integral  Dental unit  Expired 2015