Extra cost-saving benefits

XO FLOW gives you unique benefits.

Presets and workflow guidance increases productivity and efficiency – it guides employees to always work with the right instrument settings, ergonomics etc.

In addition, dedicated apps take you directly you to IOS and other software solutions.

Read more below – and find out what makes XO FLOW a financially clever investment.

Undoubtedly, no other unit will give you this:

Minimal space required

You only need 6 m2 for an XO FLOW unit, helping you to save on rental costs.


20-year service life

You can safely rely on our 20-years’ service, i.e. delivery of parts and continuous technical support.

Increased uptime

Warnings, preventive service notifications, remote service, and modular instruments results in efficiency gains.

“This is the Tesla of dental chairs! You can integrate almost all aspects of dentistry into the chair itself. It makes it very modular and saves space, which is a huge advantage in areas with expensive rental costs”

Lawrence Yong, dental surgeon, orthodontist, clinic owner Singapore

“The intuitive user interface is one of the great advantages of the XO FLOW unit. Once you sit in front of the unit, you’ll quickly find out how to use it – even without an introduction.”

Jeanette Garner, dentist and clinic owner

Reduction of service costs

The unit notifies you when it is time to carry out a preventive service. Service of the XO FLOW unit by a technician is only required every 24 months.

Workflow guidance

Our built-in guidance increases productivity and efficiency and guides employees to always work with the right instrument settings etc.

Ergonomic design and instructions

Our design principle is “Sit well, see well, work well“. Our XO FLOW dental unit enables an over-the-patient delivery system for maximum work comfort. Our design prevents strain and work-related injuries. Partnered with our ergonomic app, which guides you to the best working position, you will reduce sick leave and occupational injury.

“Service and maintenance are very important to us, and it is a financial benefit that it is only required every 24 months”

Kim Gommesen, DSO

“If we are looking into the future, the trend will change with focus on efficient due work and cost saving performance as practitioners and clinics need to think about their staff and rental costs”

Dr. Dieter Reusch, REUSCH Zahnmedizin

Desktop connection efficiency

The XO FLOW dental unit connects seamlessly with any external software device e.g. an intra-oral scanner and patient files.

Attracts the best talent to the smartest clinics

With XO FLOW as part of your clinic design, you’ll attract and retain the top talent in dentistry.

Futureproof design

XO FLOW is designed to be futureproof. The dental unit can be upgraded at any time with the latest technology. Software updates will be provided free of charge.

“The XO FLOW is a masterpiece! It is something I have never seen before in terms of passion for details and the beautiful, elegant and clean design”.

Dr Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design

“It’s incredibly beautiful, cool and up-to-date with the new digital solution”

Dr. Camilla Trolle, dental specialist

Calculate your return on investment with our ROI calculator

Compare XO FLOW with standard units and see how they differ

“With its intuitive touchscreen technology and floating elegance, XO FLOW enhances any dental practice and bridges the gap between functionality and comfort.”

Red Dot award jury statement when XO FLOW won the category “Medical Devices and Technology”

Want to see an XO FLOW in real life?

Why not book a demo now – free of charge with no obligation.

XO FLOW Coral red
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