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XO SUCTION DISINFECTION  offers a potent concentrate designed to disinfect, deodorize, clean, and maintain the suction hoses, system, and motor simultaneously.

XO WATER DISINFECTION is employed to disinfect unit water and water lines. It utilizes a hydrogen peroxide-based solution to decontaminate process water and deter limescale buildup in dental unit pipe systems.

XO FABRIC MAKEUP is specifically formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of XO Comfort fabric.

Use it without dilution.

Apply directly onto a dry, lint-free cloth to promptly remove stains.

XO GENTLE DISINFECTION is effective for all surfaces of XO products.

Use it without dilution.

Apply onto a dry, lint-free cloth, ensuring thorough saturation of the surfaces. Allow them to air dry. Effective disinfection is achieved within 1 minute.

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