How to create

Patient comfort in the dental clinic

How to give patients comfort in the dental clinic

How do you create the most comfortable experience for the patients in your dental clinic?

Every dental clinic should meet the needs of its employees and patients. While it might be straightforward to ask the staff about their needs and desires in terms of improving the best working environment, many dental clinics are not entirely up to date on how to improve patient comfort in the dental clinic.

Giving patients a warm welcome

Making the patients feel welcome is the first important touchpoint where you can create a positive firsthand impression. A warm and friendly reception paired with a cozy and tasteful interior are some of the ways to make patients feel at ease.

In Marais, Paris, Paris Dental Studios has created a dental clinic where the reception of patients is in focus.

“As soon as the patients arrive, they are welcomed by scents and visual experiences, goodies, drinks, toothbrushes, and a range of Paris Dental Studios dental products and devices. The reception leaves the patients with a feeling that they have come to a place where well-being and patient satisfaction is a top priority,” Dr. Bensimon from Paris Dental Studios explains.

Paris Dental Studios Reception, France
Making patients feel at ease with XO FLEX unit

Taking time for each patient

Combining strict hygiene requirements and efficient working procedures with comfort and coziness may sound conflicting. But it isn’t. In Praxis Vedbæk, Trine Høgsbro, a dental nurse, is dedicated to creating treatments with high patient comfort without compromising on treatment quality or efficiency.

“I take pride in making sure that I have plenty of time to take care of my patients and that they feel comfortable. XO CARE units provide exactly that kind of comfort for the patients that I think they deserve. My patients always comment on the look and softness of the unit,Trine Høgsbro says when asked about the patient experience

Patient comfort during treatment

The physical comfort of the patient during the actual treatment is, of course, a critical part of the patient experience as well. The patient must feel comfortable in the dental chair, during any part of the treatment/in every position. Dentist Heidi Lund has a lot of senior patients, and their physical well-being is very important to her, which is why the dental chair must meet – or exceed – the patient needs.

“We have a lot of older patients. Their comfort is a must for me. As the XO unit has a very flexible neck-rest and supported elbows, the patient feels very comfortable, and that means they will not need to move during treatments, which is good for them and for the dentist, who can work faster and concentrate on the oral cavity,” Heidi says.

Dental Clinic Management

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Check out the most comfortable dental unit – download the XO FLOW brochure

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Dr Parham Shafé Clinic

Making patients with dental anxiety feel at ease

In Berlin, Dr. Parham Shafé has designed his clinic with the aim of making it a place where patients feel at home. One of the main reasons for this is to give patients with dental anxiety the coziest and safest atmosphere possible, with tasteful decorations and warm lighting that create an intimate environment.

I really want to have a good connection with my patients and make sure they can talk to me about anything at any point. XO units are a great tool, allowing me to freely work solo and really concentrate on the patients, not on operating the equipment itself. When the patients come to the treatment room, they are given the possibility of choosing their own music – this simple option supports the overall home-like atmosphere of the clinic and releases some of the tension,” Dr. Shafé explains.

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