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Dental clinic layout

Dr. Christian Klein and his wife Remy's dental clinic in Wuppertal - XO Units compliment the interior design

The main layout principles in dental clinic design

There are three main layout principles to consider when designing your dental clinic:

  • Productivity
  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics 

If you design your dental practice with these principles in mind, you can achieve financial benefits.

Increase productivity with more treatment rooms in the dental clinic layout

One of the ways to increase dental clinic productivity is to minimize the size of the existing treatment rooms. This would allow you to fit more treatment rooms into the premises and enable the dentists to work more efficiently. For example, when a treatment is completed, the dentist could go to another treatment room, while the first treatment room is cleaned and disinfected.


“You can integrate almost all aspects of dentistry into the chair itself. It makes it very modular and saves space, which is a huge advantage in areas with expensive rental costs”

Lawrence Yong, dental surgeon, orthodontist, clinic owner Singapore
Zahn Zentrum St. Georg by Dr. Torsten Wegner Hamburg, Germany

How to fit more treatment rooms into an existing dental practice

To create more treatment rooms in a dental clinic, you need a layout with slim and compact dental equipment. With a treatment room of just 6 m², you can fit an XO WORKTOP and the digital XO FLOW unit.

In this graphic, you can see how the XO FLOW dental unit and XO WORKTOP fit into a small treatment room of just 220 cm x 320 cm which is the minimum recommended room size.

Though the room is compact in size, there is still the space needed for the practitioners to work comfortably and ergonomically correct.

What’s so special about the XO FLOW design?

Check out the interview with XO CARE’s Chief Designer Kim Sørensen. Here he takes you behind the scenes and talks about the development of the XO FLOW digital dental unit.

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