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Dr. Torsten Wegner's clinic located in Hamburg, Germany. Reception area.

Are you looking for dental clinic design inspiration?

Take a look at these amazing dental practices that use design to create a look and atmosphere – out of the ordinary. Some clinics are simple; others are extravagant. But all of them have carefully considered every single interior detail.

Dental clinics in Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian minimalist design tradition is all about clean lines and a focus on functionality, which is perfect for a clinical setting. The understated elegance of this style is sure to put patients at ease and create spaces that are both functional and inviting, with interiors and products that are visually appealing, efficient, and practical.

The XO FLOW dental unit is an example of a product based on this design tradition. Lars Thøgersen, Chairman of the Danish Design Council, says: “The curvature of the chair and amorph forms along something very tight and precise create a wonderful and dynamic picture of XO FLOW. No wonder that it has won the Red Dot design award.”

Sante Sourire

Using natural materials in dental clinics

Dental practices leaning on the Scandinavian style often use natural materials such as wood and stone and simple, functional furniture. At Dental Studio Paris, wood is consistently used to create a warm and cozy feeling throughout the dental clinic.

The color palette is usually quite subdued, with whites, blacks, and grays being popular choices. This helps to create an environment that is both professional and stylish and, at the same time, calming and relaxing.

Are you interested in seeing how the XO Unit colours would fit with your clinic design – then check out our colour guide here.

Futuristic dental clinic style

Other clinics go for a more avant-garde look with special shapes and unconventional colors, like the KU64 dental clinics in Berlin. These clinics have a unique spatial design that combines futuristic and organic elements.

Other clinics use innovative designs and include extraordinary features. At Dr. Demaestri’s dental practice, the dental units are placed on glass platforms, some of which are lit with LED lighting giving it a futuristic look.

Zahn Zentrum St. Georg by Dr. Torsten Wegner Hamburg, Germany
Mikkels Tannhus Clinic

Dental clinics with a cozy atmosphere

Making patients feel at ease is essential to any dental clinic. Regarding space design, a positive atmosphere can make patients feel relaxed and much more willing to receive the treatment they might have been reluctant to accept otherwise*. Creating a homey feel in the clinic can be done by adding couches, warm colors, soft lighting, plants, paintings, and unique decorations.

Read more about patient comfort.

* Hasell, M.J. (1993). Interior Design Theory and Research: A Paradigm Shift. Journal of Interior Design, 19(1), pp.1–1.

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