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A child-friendly dental clinic

KU64 dental clinic in Charlottenburg - Children's play corner

Making a child-friendly dental clinic comes down to two things

Make sure there’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and make sure the décor is appealing to children. But how do you do that? Read on and get a few tips.

Child-friendly décor

One of the ways to make a dental clinic kid-friendly is to make the décor appealing to children. Often, younger patients prefer bright and cheerful colors like blue and orange combined with natural wood because it gives a warm and welcoming feeling.

At Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva in Rome, the waiting room is decorated with pictures of the owners’ children. “This wall represents the spirit and energy that we have in our lives. We try to bring this energy to the clinic, we want to share the spirit of friendship, family and quality time together with our patients” says Dr. Roberto Raia, one of the owners.

Example of clinic design with children in mind - pictures of children on the wall

Make a children’s corner

Children can get a bit impatient when waiting for their turn, and any kid-friendly dental clinic should have a kid’s corner with books and toys to keep children occupied while waiting.

In Weiden, Germany, Dr. Manja and Felix Bönchendorf has created a clinic with an inviting waiting area and a dedicated space for children, where they can read, play or even try a bit of wall climbing.

Distract and reward

Distracting a child’s attention is a great way to make a treatment go a bit easier. One way of doing this is to make sure the dental chair faces a wall with colorful art or childfriendly images.

But now, there’s an even better option – if the dentist uses an XO FLOW unit: you can let the child pick his or her favorite movie. Using the Navigator touchscreen, you can browse for films on YouTube or Netflix and keep the child distracted during treatment.

Dr. GertJan van Kalken, XO FLOW owner and dentist in the Netherlands, finds this new feature a great help to create a pleasant patient experience for children. “I can show a YouTube or Netflix movie to have fun with young patients. They love to have a ‘cinema’ moment at their dental practice!” GertJan says.

And if you can end the treatment with giving a small reward like a toothbrush, stickers or a small ‘reward’, you’re on your way to put a smile on the younger patients’ faces.

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