XO Worktop

XO Worktop
XO Worktop

The XO WORKTOP is a smart solution tailored for modern dental practices.

Everything in the dental treatment room needs thorough cleaning and disinfection between patients. The XO WORKTOP is designed with smooth surfaces that are easy and quick to clean and disinfect which helps combat the spread of bacteria and viruses between patients.

Storing materials and instruments outside the treatment room in an XO WORKTOP helps maximize efficiency.

The XO WORKTOP features a large tabletop and three extendable delivery plates for convenient placement of instruments (trays) and materials (tubs) near the oral cavity. Working with the XO WORKTOP can make the delivery of instruments and materials to operators in different positions more efficient which helps to streamline workflow and improve productivity.

As a tall dentist, you will also be comfortable working at the XO WORKTOP in an upright, balanced position while still having ample space for your legs and feet under the extendable delivery plates.

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