Dear XO CARE friend, in 2023 you purchased a new XO unit.

At XO CARE we strive to constantly improve our products and service. This is why we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the below short list of questions. Your answers will help us to improve and provide valuable feedback to us.

The survey only takes a few minutes to answer. Kindly complete the survey no later than August 1st, 2024.

Many thanks in advance!

Customer satisfaction survey XO FLEX

Customer satisfaction survey XO FLEX - 2024
1. The staff of the XO distributor is competent and supportive in resolving issues.
2. I am satisfied with the after sales service provided by the XO CARE distributor.
3. I am satisfied with the sales process handled by the XO PARTNER (distributor).
4. The maintenance and repair costs are acceptable.
5. The product is reliable
6. The product is easy to understand and use
7. The product offers ergonomic solutions to protect the health of the dental team
8. The product helps the patients relax.
9. The product is safe for the patients.
10. The product has a long lifetime.
11. The product helps me better manage the quality of the treatments.
12. The quality of the product lives up to my expectations.