Compare XO FLOW with standard dental units

Comparing XO FLOW with standard dental units will show you the XO difference. ​

​The extra benefits from investing in an XO FLOW unit can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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Ease of cleaning​ N/A Designed with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces. Metal parts painted using an antimicrobial powder coat – a combination of agents with nanoscale silver. Faster cleaning procedures and a long-term protection against formation of bacteria and fungi on the surfaces.
Disinfection Manual/ automatic Automatic disinfection of suction and water lines at shutdown and startup.
Ergonomics apps No Built-in apps
Optimized work procedures No Built-in work-flow guidance. Instrument presets and workflows providing optimal instrument settings at all times.
Patient turnover N/A Efficient working procedures increase patient turnover.
Service life 10 years 20 years​, meaning that XO CARE guarantees delivery of spare parts and technical support 20 years after invoice date. XO FLOW units are designed and manufactured with high quality material and components (metal instead of plastic; roller joints instead of simple joints etc.) Dashboard and Navigator are designed so that the display panels may be upgraded at a later stage. The built-in computer can be replaced.
Service intervals 12 months 24 months
Service app No Instrument presets and workflows providing optimal instrument settings at all times.
Software integration No Integration with other devices and software solutions + Apps for controlling and monitoring e.g., intraoral scanners” and cloud computer solutions.
Space requirements 8-10m² Treatment room from 6m².
Integrated endo features ? Presets for both reciprocating and rotating endo treatments. Practitioners always have the needed equipment at hand and save space in the practice.

It has everything you need and at the same time you can add things and new solutions later on. You can say that with XO FLOW you are ready for the future.

Jeanette Garner, dentist & clinic owner


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“The digitalization of the dental treatment workspace implemented in XO FLOW substantially enhances and simplifies processes in dental practices.”

Red Dot award jury statement when XO FLOW won the “Innovative products” category

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