XO FLOW case story



Tom Wexler, dentist

The customer

Dentist Tom Wexler worked with the digital XO FLOW unit during his try-out shift at a Danish dental practice. Despite having no prior experience with this type of dental unit, Tom effortlessly adapted to its digital features.

WHO: Tom Wexler
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Product: XO FLOW dental units

The challenge

Getting to work on a new digital dental unit – without prior introduction

Tom faced the challenge of using the XO FLOW dental unit without any prior training or familiarization. However, his ability to quickly grasp its functionalities and seamlessly integrate them into his workflow demonstrated the intuitive nature of the unit.

The solution

An intuitive user interface for ease of use

The XO FLOW dental unit’s intuitive user interface proved to be a significant advantage for Tom.

He describes the experience as similar to using his iPhone, where all the necessary options and features are readily accessible.

Results & benefits

Efficiency, interactivity, and ease of use

Tom quickly recognized the benefits of the XO FLOW unit’s digital features. He emphasizes how working with the Navigator and Dashboard significantly improves the speed and efficiency of patient treatment.

Moreover, Tom highlights that the advantages extend beyond the dentist alone. The assistant benefits from an improved work environment, thanks to the streamlined accessibility offered by the XO FLOW unit.

Incorporating the XO FLOW dental unit without prior training has proven to be a successful and intuitive transition for Tom. His positive experience highlights the unit’s user-friendly design, even for individuals who may initially be apprehensive about new technology.

Tom Wexler, dentist
What the customer said

Tom Wexler

The intuitive user interface is one of the great advantages of the XO FLOW unit. Once you sit in front of the unit, you’ll quickly find out how to use it – even without an introduction.

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