XO FLOW case story

upgrading to XO FLOW

A digital dental unit to help improve dental clinic management


The customer

Nico Menne, a first mover in digital dentistry, upgraded from an analogue XO FLEX dental unit to a digital XO FLOW unit in his Koblenz practice.

WHO: Dr. Nico Menne
WHERE: Zahnarzt Nico Menne, Koblenz, Germany
PRODUCT: XO FLOW dental unit

The challenge

Optimizing dental clinic efficiency

Dr. Menne had been using the XO FLEX dental unit for years and was satisfied with its performance. However, he became curious about the new digital unit on the market, the XO FLOW, and wanted to see how he could use it in his own practice.

The solution

Optimization of the clinic’s performance

Dr. Menne saw potential in the XO FLOW unit, particularly in its available apps and the possibility of integrating an intraoral scanner. He found the instrument workflows helpful for managing multi-step dental procedures and optimizing the clinic’s operational performance.

Results & benefits

Saving time, reducing costs and improving clinic management

Using the XO FLOW unit allows Dr. Menne to save time, reduce costs, and improve quality management. The ability to integrate an intraoral scanner reduces the amount of equipment in the treatment room and makes the procedure more efficient.

The instrument workflows allow for individual tailoring of treatment workflows, resulting in increased treatment efficiency.

Overall, the XO FLOW unit’s digital features improved dental treatments, productivity levels, and the work environment. Dr. Menne was pleased with the upgrade and the benefits it brought to his practice.

Nico Menne - testimonial profile picture
What the customer said

Nico Menne

Complex workflows, such as the adhesive cementation of esthetic, ceramic anterior veneers or other treatments, can be programmed and individually tailored to the practice. This saves time, costs and is part of continuous quality management.

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