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Dr. Simon Altan working on the ambidextrous dental unit - the XO FLEX

The customer

Dr. Simon Atlan, a left-handed dentist, has experienced the unique challenges faced by dental professionals who favor their left hand.

With the dental industry primarily catering to right-handed practitioners, Dr. Atlan has encountered difficulties performing his work efficiently and comfortably.

WHO: Dr. Simon Atlan
WHERE: France
PRODUCT:  XO FLEX dental units

The challenge

Working in an industry designed for right-handed practitioners

As a left-handed dentist, Dr. Atlan has often struggled to adapt to treatment rooms, dental units, and instruments primarily tailored for right-handed use. The lack of consideration for left-handed professionals has resulted in compromised visibility and physical discomfort, hindering his ability to provide optimal care.

The solution

The ambidextrous dental unit

Recognizing the need for specialized equipment, Dr. Atlan sought a solution to alleviate the challenges faced by left-handed dentists. He discovered the ambidextrous XO FLEX dental unit, specifically designed to seamlessly accommodate both left-handed and right-handed practitioners.

Results & benefits

Improved job satisfaction and professional health

By using the ambidextrous XO FLEX dental unit, Dr. Atlan has experienced significant improvements in his work environment and overall well-being. The ability to effortlessly switch to left-handed mode has relieved him from the physical strain and discomfort associated with the limitations of traditional dental equipment.

The ambidextrous XO FLEX dental unit has enhanced Dr. Atlan’s job satisfaction and improved his professional health, ensuring he can deliver exceptional care without compromising his well-being.

Dr Atlan a left-handed dentist working on XO FLEX
What the customer said

Dr. Simon Atlan

I like how easy it is to switch from a left-handed mode to a right-handed one. Now, my back is feeling better, there’s no more pain, and I work as a very happy left-handed dentist.”

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