XO FLEX case story


With XO FLEX dental units

The customer

For Dr. Bensimon and his dentist colleagues at Paris Dental Studios in France, XO FLEX was a perfect match for their dental clinic.

WHO: Dr. Bensimon
WHERE:  Paris Dental Studios, France
PRODUCT:  XO FLEX dental units

The challenge

How to reinvest the patient experience?

The goal of Paris Dental Studios was to reinvent the patient experience from start to finish. Dr. Bensimon wanted to combine contemporary design, advanced technology, and a warm, welcoming environment to ensure patients felt comfortable and satisfied throughout their dental visit.

The solution

Choosing XO FLEX for patient comfort and aesthetics

With careful attention to detail, Dr. Bensimon and his team designed the Paris Dental Studios to provide a remarkable patient experience.

Patients are greeted with pleasant scents, refreshments, and various dental products and devices as soon as they arrive. The reception area sets the tone for the clinic, emphasizing patient well-being and satisfaction.

Dr. Bensimon and his colleagues had no doubts when selecting dental units for their clinic. They chose the XO FLEX dental units without hesitation. Having previously worked with XO FLEX, Dr. Bensimon was convinced that no other brand could compare.

The XO dental units’ advanced technology, functional excellence, and exceptional working comfort made them the ideal choice for Paris Dental Studios.

Results & benefits

Setting new standards in dental clinic design, leaving patients impressed and inspired

The XO FLEX dental units have been instrumental in creating a truly remarkable dental experience at Paris Dental Studios, as they align perfectly with the clinic’s vision.

Dr. Bensimon describes the XO FLEX as the “Apple of dental chairs”, emphasizing its intuitive functionality and minimalist design. The console instruments, controlled by a single button, and the foot control provide a seamless and pleasant working experience.

The exceptional ergonomic design of the XO FLEX units ensures optimal comfort for both practitioners and patients.

The Paris Dental Studios has become a symbol of excellence, combining state-of-the-art technology, contemporary design, and a patient-centric approach.

With their dedication to reinventing the dental experience and their commitment to providing exceptional care, Paris Dental Studios has set a new standard in dental clinics, leaving patients impressed and inspired.

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What the customer said

Dr. Bensimon

The XO FLEX is the “Apple of dental chairs” with its intuitive functionality and minimalist design.”

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