XO FLOW case story



Dentist Lau Lundstroem with his XO FLOW dental unit

The customer

Lau Lundstrøm was eager to explore the possibilities of a digital dental unit and used XO FLOW to improve performance and treatment procedures.

WHO: Lau Lundstrøm
Where: Tandlægerne Nygade, Denmark
Product: XO FLOW dental units and ODONTOSCALER

The challenge

Getting to know XO FLOW’s many features and opportunities

As a true XO FLOW pioneer, Lau Lundstrøm received his first XO FLOW unit in February 2022. While highly satisfied with his experience, he initially needed time to familiarize himself with the unit’s numerous features and opportunities to become a super user.

The solution

Realizing how intuitive an XO FLOW unit is

Lau Lundstrøm soon discovered that the XO FLOW unit was a state-of-the-art dental unit in every aspect. It worked flawlessly without any downtime and demonstrated its superiority by all standards.

The intuitive Dashboard impressed him the most, allowing him to work faster and gain a better overview of his procedures.

Results & benefits

No downtime, improved efficiency, gentle yet effective scaling and microscope compatibility

Lau found the ODONTOSCALER to be both gentler and more effective than the EMS scaler he had previously used. It provided a more comfortable experience for his patients while ensuring excellent results. Additionally, the simplified functions of the foot control made it easier for him to work efficiently, even while standing.

One of the remarkable aspects of the XO FLOW unit that stood out to Lau was its compatibility with a microscope. Lau discovered how easy it is to turn the instrument bridge slightly clockwise to create the necessary space. This way of working with the microscope has provided new possibilities for enhanced visualization and precision in his procedures.

The continuous upgrades and introduction of new software and features for the XO FLOW unit were highly valued by Lau Lundstrøm. This commitment to improvement confirmed that the unit is at the forefront of dental technology.

Dentist lau lundstrøm
What the customer said

Lau Lundstrøm

This is a superior model by all standards! It’s amazing, and it’s worked flawlessly all the time with no downtime whatsoever.”

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