XO FLEX case story


To improve ergonomics for staff

The customer

Dr. Piotr Skrzyszewski runs Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, a clinic in Dzierżoniów, Poland, where his two daughters also work. Dr. Skrzyszewski is a passionate endodontist and digital prosthetics practitioner with a focus on occlusion.

WHO: Dr. Piotr Skrzyszewski
WHERE:  Twój Uśmiech Dental Center, Poland
PRODUCT:  XO FLEX dental units

The challenge

Upgrading the clinic to prevent back pains

Dr. Skrzyszewski suffered back pains and realized that the dental equipment had to be adjusted to create a comfortable working position. He decided to create a highly ergonomic dental clinic with optimum working conditions for practitioners and maximum patient comfort.

The solution

Choosing the right dental units

Dr. Skrzyszewski chose XO FLEX dental units for his dental clinic because of their reliability, ergonomics, and the product quality.

Results & benefits

A highly ergonomic clinic with increased treatment efficiency

Dr. Skrzyszewski’s passion for endodontics and digital prosthetics, combined with his focus on ergonomics and innovation, has created a dental clinic with XO FLEX units that optimize workflows, is highly ergonomic, and increase treatment efficiency.

Dr.-Piotr-Skrzyszewski---clinic in Poland - testimonial
What the customer said

Dr. Skrzyszewski

When I started to coach and teach other dentists. One of my key messages was that it is not the dentist who should adapt to get a comfortable working position. It’s the equipment that should be adjusted to create a comfortable working position, working with XO FLEX makes that easy.”

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