XO FLEX and XO STOOL case story


The XO FLEX and the XO STOOL


The customer

Trine Høgsbro, a dental nurse at Praxis Vedbæk in Denmark, relies on the safety and comfort provided by XO FLEX units in her daily work.

WHO: Trine Høgsbro, dental nurse
WHERE: Praxis Vedbæk

The challenge

Maintaining a high standard of clinical care and preventing physical strain

As a dental nurse at Praxis Vedbæk, Trine is constantly engaged in various tasks, ranging from patient treatments and receptionist duties to overseeing internships and training processes.

In her work, she juggles numerous responsibilities while maintaining a high standard of clinical care and is at risk of exposing herself to physical strain without ergonomic and easy-to-clean equipment.

The solution

Finding the right equipment

When using the XO STOOL and XO FLEX dental units, Trine can ensure maximum patient comfort and optimum working conditions. She particularly enjoys the ease of operating the unit and stool, highlighting their exceptional quality and timeless design.

Results & benefits

More efficient cleaning procedures and enhanced ergonomics

Trine commends the ergonomic design of the XO STOOL, specifically the saddle chair. Sitting on the XO seat during long patient treatments significantly enhances Trine’s comfort and reduces strain on her body.

Furthermore, the daily cleaning and disinfection of especially the XO FLEX units are effortless tasks, providing added convenience for Trine and her team.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic – and as an increasingly important aspect of dental clinic management – Trine emphasizes the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols and points to the benefit of the easy cleaning and disinfection of the XO FLEX unit and XO STOOL

Her commitment to maintaining a safe dental clinic environment aligns perfectly with XO CARE’s dedication to patient and practitioner safety.

Trine Hoegsbro XO CARE case stories - real stories and real results
What the customer said

Trine Høgsbro

Sitting on the XO seat during long patient treatments significantly enhances my comfort and reduces strain.”

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