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The customer

Dr. Miguel Stanley and Dr. Ana Paz from The White Clinic in Portugal use the XO ODONTOSURGE electrosurgical instrument for soft tissue handling.

WHO: Dr. Miguel Stanley and Dr. Paz
Where: The White Clinic, Portugal
Product: XO ODONTOSURGE electrosurgical instrument

The challenge

Finding the right advanced electrosurgical instrument

Dr. Stanley looked for an advanced electrosurgical instrument that would align with his philosophy of slow dentistry and provide optimal outcomes for his patients. He aimed to find a solution enabling precise incisions, maintaining clear vision, and promoting faster healing.

The solution

An instrument designed specifically for soft tissue surgery

After hearing about the XO ODONTOSURGE, Dr. Stanley decided to incorporate it into his practice. This special electrosurgical instrument, designed specifically for soft tissue surgery, intrigued Dr. Stanley with its automatic power control and ability to deliver dry incisions with minimal or no bleeding.

Results & benefits

Enhanced surgical precision, minimal bleeding, and improved patient experience

XO ODONTOSURGE has proven to be a valuable addition to The White Clinic’s repertoire of tools. Dr. Stanley highlights the unique features of the instrument, particularly the automatic power control that adjusts to the tissue’s resistance. This eliminates the need for manual power adjustments, allowing him to focus entirely on his patients. The absence of a foot pedal and the lightweight handpiece make it user-friendly and comfortable to handle.

Dr. Ana Paz, a colleague at The White Clinic, echoes Dr. Stanley’s sentiments and praises the XO ODONTOSURGE for its efficiency in making deep incisions and creating clean cuts without bleeding.

XO ODONTOSURGE has become an important part of The White Clinic’s surgical procedures, and by incorporating it into their practice, the team continues to deliver high-quality, holistic dental care while prioritizing patient comfort and well-being.

Dr-Stanley using XO Odontosurge
What the customer said

Dr. Miguel Stanley

The team has used XO ODONTOSURGE in various procedures, including gingivectomy and preparing for fillings below the gingival margin by temporarily opening the gingival pocket, and I really appreciates the instrument’s cutting power and ability to avoid tissue necrosis.”

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