XO FLOW pioneers in Paris share their experiences

Chief Designer Kim Sorensen of XO CARE has set out on a tour across Europe to visit first-mover dentists who have invested in the digital XO FLOW dental unit – and who have now gained pioneer experience from working with this revolutionizing dental chair.

In Paris, three XO FLOW pioneers welcomed the visit and eagerly shared their first-hand experience of working with this new dental solution.

Dr. Perez – XO FLOW very first-mover in France

Dr. Perez was the very first dentist in France to acquire the new XO FLOW. He met his new unit at ADF 2021 and immediately fell in love.

The unit was installed in December 2021. This makes Dr. Perez the most experienced XO FLOW user in Paris, till this date.

I am very pleased with the unit”, says Dr. Perez.

I am an old time XO user and had to get used to changing my old habits,” the dentist admits smilingly.

I have worked with XO units all through my carrier, 37 years to be precise. At first, I had a little problem with configuring the functions of the foot control to make it resemble my existing XO units. But in fact, the new XO FLOW unit is more intuitive”.


Dr. Perez had very qualified comments and suggestions to make and Kim Sorensen listened attentively:

“I’ve made my own presets,” explains Dr. Perez. “That works really well. But the new reciprocating endo feature – how can I apply this to my unit?” he wants to know.

The answer is simple. All you need to do is to buy a software update and an endo contra-angle, explains Kim Sorensen.

Dr. Perez is also fond of all the software integration possibilities, ranging from Netflix to YouTube. “I’ve added my favorite music channel. It plays soft jazz in the clinic all day long”. Now Dr. Perez puts as a wish for the Chief Designer that he can get a loudspeaker with higher volume in the dental unit.

Kim Sorensen puts a note of that on his Dentists’ Wishlist.

Dr. Frédéric Koskas – the dentist entrepreneur

It’s a wonderful machine”, says dentist Frédéric Koskas about his XO FLOW unit that was installed 6 months ago. Dr. Koskas is also a long-time XO CARE unit user.

The statistics you can measure on the Navigator screen, says that the unit has had a patient in the chair for 3.000 hours over that half-year period.

How come, Kim Sorensen wants to know.

My assistant likes to rest in the chair during recess”, laughs Dr. Koskas.

I am the owner of six dental clinics in the city and I am about to open one more. If you can give me a good volume discount, I would consider buying even more XO units”, says Dr. Koskas.

Dr-Koskas-dentist-entrepreneur - XO FLOW fan

I love XO”, he continues. This is probably why Dr. Koskas is so protective of his new beauty and covers the upholstery with a special cloth whenever a new patient enters the clinic room.

But in the morning, before it all begins, he likes to take a look at the beautiful upholstery.

Kim Sorensen presents a mild protest: “There is no need for this. When using the correct XO Fabric Makeup, you protect the surfaces and can expect that it will last for a very long time”, he explains.

Dr. Wally Saadane – the new ‘kid’ in town

In a prestigious Parisian neighbourhood with a couple of foreign embassies next door, a young man has recently moved in. Dr. Wally Saadane has had the great fortune to be able to take over an existing dental clinic that used to belong to old renovned Parisian dentist going on retirement.

Originating from Lyon and graduating at a very young age, Dr. Saadane has trained and worked in a number of foreign countries as well as in different Parisian dental practices until his dream just recently came true: he became the owner of his own first clinic.

The clinic has two XO FLEX units and now also very recently, the digital XO FLOW unit installed.

Ever since I worked as a trainee, I’ve been very fond of XO’s units.”

I am a strong believer in ergonomics. This is why I have always dreamt of establishing my own clinic with XO units”.

Focus on good work postures and practitioners’ health is important to me, but I am also very mindful of the health of my patients, of course.” Says Dr. Saadane.

Dr-Wally-Saadane-young XO FLOW new-pioneer

Dr. Saadane respectfully listening and exchanging views with XO Chief Designer, Kim Sorensen


He explains that he wants to educate his patients in understanding what good dental health and treatments are all about.

I am trying to give dentistry a new identity”.

We look forward to following the developments and peer-training activities in the planning at Dr. Saadane’s impressive, and beautifully designed clinic.

The installment of all XO FLOW units in the above Parisian clinics were done by XO partner Dental Wave.

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