Upgrading from analogue XO FLEX to the digital XO FLOW dental unit

Dr RUs with his new XO FLOW unit

While heat waves hit most of Europe, we met with Dr. Rus in Slovenia, who recently received his new digital XO FLOW dental chair. Dr. Rus shared why he decided to upgrade his XO FLEX dental unit with the new digital model.

I saw the XO FLOW at the IDS exhibition in Germany, and it stood out and looked very modern and like a fancy spaceship. Since I always like to implement new technology in my workflows – so I can provide better dentistry for my patients – I chose the XO FLOW,” says Dr. Rus when we asked him why he decided to upgrade his XO FLEX to the digital XO FLOW unit.

Dr. Rus is not in doubt that it was the right decision to move on to a digital unit. He says:

I am sure it will be an even better piece of equipment!”.


For Dr. Rus, the unit must be practical, ease the daily routines and add to the visual appearance of the dental practice. He elaborates: “I’ve long been working with XO FLEX, and what I like about the unit is that it is sturdy, there’s no plastic and it’s easy to maintain and clean.

Now, it’s the same with XO FLOW, but what I like the most about the new unit is that there’s a lot of good functionalities and that it makes the workflows much easier.”

The recipe for happy patients and practitioners

Working in dentistry can be tough, and it’s important to focus on the practitioner’s well-being. “We spend hours working on patients, so it’s very important how our posture is while working. With XO units, it’s intuitive to work ergonomically correct. You don’t have to try hard to maintain a good posture because the unit is designed so that it prevents you from working in an awkward position. You can adjust everything, and it makes using it very easy.”

One of the benefits of upgrading to the XO FLOW is that Dr. Rus can reduce the number of screens in his treatment room. “When working with my old unit, I always showed the patients photos or microscope recordings on the pc screen. But now, I can eliminate the pc and show them something directly on the Navigator screen as the unit is a stand-alone computer. XO FLOW gives the patients a “wow” feeling because it’s all digital,“ Dr. Rus says.

Before we say our goodbyes and head off into the hot Slovenian summer, Dr. Rus shares his recipe for keeping patients happy:

If the patients are used to a normal dental unit, they definitely know that this unit is something extra – and if you give something extra in dentistry, you have a happy patient.”