“It took a couple of months to get completely acquainted with all the many features and opportunities this unit possesses if you aspire to be a top-notch super user,” says Lau Lundstrøm, who is keen to share his impressions and experience.

Working flawlessly with no downtime

In Lau’s opinion, the XO FLOW unit is a state-of-the-art dental unit in every aspect.

This is a superior model by all standards! It’s amazing, and it’s worked flawlessly all the time with no downtime whatsoever.”

He especially praises the Dashboard, which has enabled him to work much faster because it is so intuitive and provides a better overview, he explains.

Dentist Lau Lundstroem with his XO FLOW dental unit - talking to Kim Soerensen from XO CARE
Dentist Lau Lundstroem with his XO FLOW dental unit

A gentler and more efficient scaler

Among the various features, Lau is also very impressed with the ODONTOSCALER, which he finds to be superior to the EMS he previously used.

It’s more gentle and more effective at the same time,” Lau explains.

Additionally, he appreciates the simplified functions of the foot control, making it easier for him to work efficiently, even in a standing position.

Microscope compatibility

One remarkable aspect of the XO FLOW unit is its compatibility with a microscope. Lau demonstrated how he effortlessly turned the instrument bridge slightly clockwise to create the necessary space. “It works smoothly,” Lau says.

Chief designer, Kim Soerensen, had a chance to do precisely what his series of clinic visits intended to achieve, namely to immerse himself in detailed conversations about new development opportunities.

Inspiration as to how we may constantly improve and make new features in response to the requirements and aspirations of the dental team – the professionals. With Lau, the conversation centered around, among others, how to further develop endo features.

Lau Lundstroem with his XO FLOW dental unit

Continuous upgrades are a bonus

Finally, Lau Lundstrøm credits the fact that XO FLOW is continuously upgraded with new software and features. This proves the fact that this unit is at the absolute forefront, Lau concludes.

Overall, Lau Lundstrøm’s positive experience with the XO FLOW unit and his valuable feedback contribute to the product’s ongoing advancements and excellence. Thank you, Lau, for spending your valuable time with us and sharing your feedback and ideas!

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