Kim Soerensen visiting Harald clinic in Faaborg Denmark

First stop at Danish dentist Søs Ryborg

Kim’s first stop was at the Harald clinic in Faaborg, Denmark. This newly built and impressive clinic features three XO FLOW units and four XO FLEX units.

Dentist and clinic owner Søs Ryborg enthusiastically discussed opportunities to integrate also an intraoral camera and to upgrade reciprocal endo functions – thereby increasing efficiency by avoiding stand-alone solutions.

Next stop at dentist Lone Hansen in Aarhus, Denmark

Next, Kim visited Dentist Lone Hansen from Tandlægerne Viborgvej 113 working as a private practitioner on the outskirts of Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus. Although very satisfied with her new XO FLOW unit, Lone had yet to fully incorporate all the tips and tricks from the Ergonomics Guide, which is an integrated part of the XO FLOW unit.

Kim took this opportunity to demonstrate to Lone and her assistant that help and guidance are readily available through the online guide on the Navigator screen when the unit is connected to the internet.

Kim Soerensen visiting dentist Lone Hansen from Viborgvej 113, Denmark

Lone Hansen and her assistant Rikke

im Soerensen visiting dentist Lone Hansen from Viborgvej 113 Denmark

Kim demonstrates how to position the patient correctly for perfect patient comfort and how to adjust the neck rest for the dentist to sit well and see well at the same time.

Sailing to visit Norwegian dentists

Kim then sailed from northern Denmark to Norway, where he was welcomed by Ove Solberg and his son, Endre Solberg, the first Norwegian XO FLOW pioneer dentists, in the city of Mysen.

Previously using Planmeca units, the clinic owners were convinced to switch to XO CARE at a trade fair.

During the visit, the conversation focused on the sublime ergonomic design-thinking of the XO FLOW unit, discussing working habits, patient positioning, and the delivery of hand instruments. They found the Pretreatment Checklist films, accessible on the Navigator screen, extremely helpful.

Even Ulrik, a third-generation dentist-to-be, was keen to take part in the Solberg family business photo with clinic assistant and technician Atle from our XO Partner, Oslo Dental.

Dentist Esben and his father Mikkel from Mikkels Tandhus in Norway

Esben and his father, Mikkel, are ergonomics pioneers.

Reunited with old friends in Oslo

Kim also made a quick visit to long-time XO friend Esben Kardel in Oslo to test and approve the new spray-selection feature, which was implemented based on Esben’s original request for improvement.

Esben and his father Mikkel, who lend his name to the clinic Mikkels Tandhus, are pioneers in ergonomics in Scandinavia since the 1970s, and Mikkel’s strong health is living proof that ergonomics matters.

Last stop at the Oris clinic in Lysaker, Norway

The Scandinavia tour concluded at the Oris clinic in Lysaker, where Arild Aarnseth, manager and dentist, has two XO FLOW units and six additional XO FLEX units. Kim assisted Arild in setting up additional user profiles in Norwegian instead of the default English language, accommodating multiple dentist users in the clinic.

Arild also expressed his satisfaction with the continuous software upgrades, particularly praising the new spray indicators that were developed based on feedback from his colleague in Oslo. This demonstrates how listening to one customer’s input can enhance the experience for peer dentists as well.

The Scandinavian tour illustrates the robust partnerships between XO CARE and our visionary dentist customers, emphasizing our mutual dedication to innovation, efficiency, and ergonomic excellence.

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Kim visiting Oris clinic in Lysaker Norway

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