German dentists excited about the XO FLOW dental unit’s unique features

First stop – Berlin

Kim’s first stop was at Wolfram Schmitz’s dental clinic in the vibrant city of Berlin. ”It is a very, very, very nice unit” says Wolfram Schmitz. In November, he refurbished his clinic with three new XO FLOW units, replacing the XO FLEX dental chairs that have been in operation for years.

First of all I feel very safe. Everything has worked seamlessly without any complication whatsoever, he explains.

“However, I am still in a learning process. This new digital dental unit offers so many new opportunities, and I am getting acquainted with still more new features every day”.

Wolfram Schmitz has even tested the ’Remote Support’ online function that links the dentist directly via TeamViewer with a service technician.

”That way I can get immediate guidance if needed. This just adds to the many great advantages of this new unit”, concludes Wolfram Schmitz.

Dentist Schmitz with his XO FLOW dental unit

Next up

The next stop was at Dr. Malte Richters and his colleague Dr. Borcherding in Nordrein Westphalen. In 2019, Dr. Richters saw the XO FLOW dental unit at IDS. His curiosity was piqued because it offered the possibility of creating a profound ergonomic working environment in the treatment room.

XO CARE Cheif designer with two XO FLOW pioneers in Germany

After having talked with peers, Dr. Richters decided to invest in a XO FLOW dental unit, and today, he really enjoys working with it. “It’s a very nice and great unit, and I think you can be proud to have developed something like that,” he says.

It has much better ergonomics, and it is more efficient because the assistant can handle the unit instruments and we can work 4-handed,

Dr. Richters continues.

And the team can look forward to benefiting even more from the unique XO FLOW features when they integrate their DEXIS intraoral scanner directly with the unit. This way they can reduce the amount of equipment in the operatory and enable integrated, digital working procedures in the clinic.

Find out more about direct integration of intraoral scanner with the XO FLOW unit

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