First-mover in digital dentistry, Dr. Nico Menne

First mover digital dentistry

Dr. Nico Menne is known as a first mover in digital dentistry. He used the popular XO FLEX dental unit for years and was very satisfied. But when he learned about the new digital unit on the market, the XO FLOW, his curiosity was piqued. He had to see first-hand what it was like and how he could use it in his own dental practice.

Dr. Menne quickly saw opportunities to save time, reduce cost and improve quality management, and soon after, an XO FLOW unit was on its way to his Koblenz practice.

Going from an analogue to a digital dental unit

Upgrading from an analogue unit like XO FLEX to a digital XO FLOW unit also means new ways of working. Nico explains: “At first, it was a bit of an adjustment for me to work on the XO FLOW since I already know the XO workflow concept from the foot-controlled XO units (XO FLEX). After a short learning phase, I see a lot of potential in the XO FLOW. Especially in the current and future apps.”

The available apps are shown on the unit’s Navigator, a touch-activated screen. The apps are used for setting up, administrating, and integrating the unit with other software solutions in a network or other dental devices, like an intraoral scanner.

The possibility of integrating an intraoral scanner is one of the features that has created quite a buzz among dentists. This way, they can reduce the amount of equipment in the treatment room since there is no need to bring in a separate scanner cart, and the procedure can be completed faster and more efficiently.

The apps are not restricted to specific dental apps. It’s also possible to add streaming services like Netflix. Turning on a series when toddlers come in for treatments is a great way to lead their attention away from the treatment and create a comfortable and pleasant experience.


Check out XO FLOW the digital dental unit

Download the XO FLOW brochure

XO Flow Brochure

Check out XO FLOW the digital dental unit

XO Flow Brochure

Tailored workflows

XO FLOW workflow

You can also access the instrument workflow app on the Navigator. It is used to manage multi-step dental procedures like preparation of root canals. To activate an optimal workflow for, e.g., curing a specific composite filling, tap the instrument workflow app and use the filters.

For Dr. Menne, the workflows are a way to optimize the dental clinic’s operational performance. “Complex workflows, such as the adhesive cementation of esthetic, ceramic anterior veneers or other treatments, can be programmed and individually tailored to the practice. This saves time, costs and is part of continuous quality management,” Dr. Menne says.

The XO FLOW unit’s digital features are a breakthrough in dentistry and allow dental practitioners to improve dental treatments, productivity level and work environment.

Find out more about XO FLOW  or if you like to try it out you can book a free demo here.

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