Dentist anxiety? Then what do you do?

Vedrana Persin, Marketing and Event Manager at XO CARE, has suffered from dental anxiety since she was 6 years old. Just thinking about going to the dentist could make her nervous. The smells and sounds in a dental practice made her blood pressure skyrocket and sitting in the waiting room seemed like an endless marathon.

A few years back, Vedrana found a dentist who could help her with her anxiety. The dentist would carefully explain every step of the way of the process. She would be very attentive, take her time, ask if Vedrana was okay with the procedure and make small breaks during the treatment.

But this summer, Vedrana’s regular dentist was off on vacation when she needed a dentist appointment. Then, what do you do?

Luckily, there’s a dentist in Zagreb – where she was on holiday – who’s known for his ability to make patients feel at ease. And it just so happens that this dentist, Dr. Ivan Olajoš, also known as Dr. O, uses XO units in his clinic. This gave Vedrana the possibility to try the XO units like a regular patient. “I was curious to know how the patients feel in this treatment unit, so I decided to book an appointment at his practice,” Vedrana explains.

It turned out to be a great experience. “The chairs are super comfortable, almost living room sofa comfortable, and I felt very calm and relaxed,” says Vedrana. So even though it wasn’t the usual favorite dentist, Vedrana ended up with a smile on her face after the treatment – and perhaps Dr. O’s clinic got a new regular patient?

Before and after dentist visit - journal image
Visit to Dr O

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