Dental surgery: The key to minimizing bleeding and clear visibility

Imagine being able to do soft tissue incisions with very little or no bleeding at all. Imagine doing dental surgery with a clear vision. And imagine how much more precise, easier – and faster – you could do cutting or excavating soft tissue procedures if you didn’t have to manage bleeding or didn’t have to work with blurred visibility.

The key to minimizing bleeding and getting extremely clear visibility during surgery is the XO ODONTOSURGE. An instrument specifically designed for dental soft tissue surgery.

XO Odontosurge

Compared to soft tissue diode lasers and ordinary electrosurgery devices – the benefits are obvious

Improving frequent and time-consuming procedures in a dental practice is an ongoing objective of any clinic. And the XO ODONTOSURGE is a cost-efficient upgrade for many dental clinics because the benefits are so convincing:

High precision incisions
High speed
None or little bleeding
Good tactile sense and good vision
No risk of pulp damage or bone necrotization
High patient comfort
Coagulation possibility
Short set-up time

3 reasons why you should use XO ODONTOSURGE

XO ODONTOSURGE stands out because of three specific features.

For one, the automatic power adjustment allows dental practitioners to focus more on the patient because they don’t have to look away to adjust the power as this is done automatically. The electrosurgery unit measures the impedance of the tissue being cut and adjusts the output power to match the impedance. When cutting deeper into the tissue, the impedance decreases, and the unit increases its power. When the electrode touches a tooth or bone, the unit automatically decreases its power, minimizing the risk of necrosis.

Secondly, the high frequency means that the patient doesn’t have to hold a neutral electrode during treatments. It makes it much more comfortable for the patient, and it’s a much simpler set-up for the practitioners.

Thirdly, XO ODONTOSURGE is controlled by the finger. Instead of setting up another device with foot pedal and a neutral electrode, you just activate the pencil-shaped instrument with your finger to start and stop. This means that you avoid extra pedals and wires in the treatment room and that it’s easier and faster to set up the instrument.

These three features – the automatic power adjustment, the high frequency and the finger control – make XO ODONTOSURGE better than similar products. There simply isn’t any other solution on the market that offers this level of comfort and professionalism.

Electrodes seal even the smallest blood vessels

The XO ODONTOSURGE is available with 23 different electrodes ranging from straight, loop and coagulation electrodes.

The electrodes are very much the heart of the instrument. They glide smoothly and seal even the smallest blood vessels, preventing tissue infection and creating ideal conditions for scanning, taking impressions and composite restorations as well as other soft tissue procedures such as:

  • Gingivectomy:
    • Exposure of preparation and marginal line for scanning or impression
    • Crown extension
    • Gingival corrections
    • Exposure of gingival caries
    • Tunneling of molars
    • Exposure of cervical root resorption
  • Stop bleeding
  • Frenulectomy
XO Odontosurge electrodes

Case by DDS Esben Kardel


XO Odontosurge casestudy

Before the surgery.

XO Odontosurge case study

Exposing the root to make it possible to do a preparation. Shortly after the use of XO ODONTOSURGE.

XO Odontosurge case study

The soft tissue is removed and the root above the bone is exposed with little or no bleeding.

XO Odontosurge case study

After the use of hemostatic the structure is ready for scanning or impression without bleeding.

XO Odontosurge case study

Right after cementation of a zirconia crown, 1 week after using XO ODONTOSURGE.

XO Odontosurge case study

5 weeks after the treatment.

Esben, Miguel and Ana are already doing it

But don’t take our word for it. After all, we made the instrument and might be a bit biased as to the wonders of this little beauty.

Perfect Healing with XO

Instead, look at what Esben Kardel, owner of the dental clinic Mikkels Tannhus in Oslo, Norway, thinks about the XO ODONTOSURGE:

“There are so many treatments that you can save a lot of time on – and do better – by using XO ODONTOSURGE. Often the patients are surprised by how fast they heal and that there has been very little or no pain afterwards.

In my daily practice, I use it whenever I have caries that goes subgingivally, and where it is difficult to keep it dry, and the gingiva is bleeding. Then it is perfect to use the XO ODONTOSURGE, because I can easily keep the cavity dry and make a sufficient filling.”

Dr. Miguel Stanley from the world-renowned The White Clinic in Lisbon is also excited about it.

“The automatic power control of XO ODONTOSURGE is unique. It is automatically adjusted to the resistance of the tissue. This means I can focus completely on the patient because I’m not distracted by needing to adjust the power setting.

With the XO ODONTOSURGE, you can be sure to have sufficient cutting power on the one hand, and at the same time, you are guaranteed that you will avoid necrotization. It’s fantastic!”

Also, Miguel’s colleague Dr. Ana Paz shares his enthusiasm:

“It is very efficient for making deep incisions. It makes beautifully clean cuts – with no bleeding. It’s amazing!”

See XO ODONTOSURGE case studies or find out more about XO ODONTOSURGE. To see product demonstrated use the link below to book a demo.

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Dr-Stanley using XO Odontosurge

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