“The Robots are coming” – Here is the digital future in your clinic…

The digital future in the dental practice
Stay calm and rest assured that though the world is changing at a fast pace these days, you will not be redundant as a dentist. However, to prepare yourself and your clinic for the future in the dental profession, you must ensure that your clinic is digitally future-proof.

The Dental Chair of the Future has a Built-In Computer

Your Tesla is already intelligent and tells you how to drive and arrive safely. Within the dental world, a dental unit similar to the technology of a Tesla already exists.

XO FLOW is the first digital dental unit with a built-in computer, and it is equipped with an intelligent, intuitive touch screen dashboard and navigator. The technology of the dental unit gives you and your clinic completely new options for managing instrument workflows as well as direct access to digital software solutions easily managed directly on the touch screens. You can even connect patient management systems, intraoral scanners, cameras, and more through the navigator combining and managing your dental equipment in one place. This way, you can keep the focus on the patient, and streamline workflows while at the same time improving the patient experience.

Update Patient Records Directly on the Dental Unit’s Touch Screen

With the XO FLOW dental unit, you can immediately update the patient record in your patient management system directly from the unit’s touch screen – even before the patient leaves the treatment room. It increases productivity, saves precious time, and improves the opportunity to involve the patient more directly in decisions regarding the treatment.

The Heart of the Digital Clinic

By installing an XO FLOW, the dental unit becomes the heart of the digital clinic as it seamlessly connects with instruments and digital systems in the clinic.

Not only can you connect patient management systems, intraoral scanners, and other vital instruments, but you can also access streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube for patient entertainment directly on the unit’s navigator touchscreen. You even save space as carts for scanners will often be irrelevant when managing the scanner through the dental unit.

Child at the dentist watching a movie while in the dental unit. Comfortable in the digital XO FLOW dental unit

A Future-Proof Unit

As the first dental unit on the market offering an integrated computer, XO FLOW is your guaranteed future-proof solution, and it even comes with an extraordinarily long service life of 20 years. As the dental unit is software-driven, it is possible to continuously improve and update the dental unit features through software updates. This way, the dental unit is always ahead of the game and can adapt to the latest trends and dental equipment used in dental clinics worldwide.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

With its graphic and intuitive user interface, XO FLOW is just as easy to use as your smartphone. Starting new workflows, adjusting the current selection, or turning up and down for instrument settings during treatment can be done directly on the dashboard of the instrument bridge with the tip of a finger on the hand holding the instrument.

Settings and even the placement of the icons on the dashboard can be customized and pre-set allowing each user to have their own setup. The location of icons can be customized so the dental unit, can quickly be switched from righthanded to lefthanded operation.


So what did we learn? The world is changing fast, and AI, robots, and other technical aspects are inevitably going to be part of our work lives just as they are already part of our everyday lives.

Many digital tools, such as patient management systems, cameras, and intraoral scanners, are already part of the everyday practice at a dental clinic making the workflow and the quality of the treatments easier, better, and safer for both the dental clinic, the operator, and the patient.

By using smart, digital, and future-proof dental units, dental clinics can not only optimize workflows, save space, and improve patient satisfaction, but dental professionals can also rest assured that their dental clinic is ready for today as well as for the next 20 years.

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