Sustainable Development Goals

While echoing the United Nations Social Development Goal 3 ‘Ensuring healthy lives and wellbeing of all’, as a manufacturer of dental treatment solutions XO CARE works to ensure optimal health conditions for practitioners and their patients.

Likewise, and in accordance with Goal 12 we strive to make good use of resources and to improving energy efficiency.

Dental care services are crucially important to reduce the prevalence of oral diseases and maintain oral health in the population, i.e., it is crucial to maintain effective, coordinated preventive measures aimed at healthy persons as well as regular treatment intervals among people with oral diseases.

Therefore, since it is crucially important to maintain oral health of all citizens, also dental professionals must protect their own health according to ergonomiccally correct working procedures. This while maintaining a safe work environment where the risk of infection spread between patient and dental professionals as well as among patients is minimized.

Good health and well-being responsibility
12 responsible consumption and production


Dentistry is classified in the high-risk category occupation due to extensive use of aerosolization procedures and thus, inflict the dangerous risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission from patient to themselves, their dental assistants, other office staff members, and viral transmission to the patients. Therefore, containment of aerosols in dental practice has become a very important need.

As part of XO CARE’s design-thinking our focus has always been on highest standards of infection control such as:

  • Smooth and easy to clean surfaces
  • Detachable handles, instrument hoses, instrument holder, cuspidor and suction nozzles etc.
  • Integrated water and suction line disinfection


XO products are designed and produced according to highest standards, choice of best materials and with an aim to last as long as 20 years or more. Examples of XO units in use for more than 30 year exist, just like we approve of XO Partners refurbishing old units for re-use.


In the design and production of the new XO FLOW unit, specific efforts are made to observe reduced energy consumption. The stand-by function is unique in dental unit manufacturing.